Who are IN2S?

IN2 Systems Ltd (IN2S) was established to focus on the challenges Water Companies and Tier One Contractors face repairing pitch fibre sewers.  IN2S have several exclusive applications making them truly unique in this sector, offering cost effective trenchless rehab options not currently available anywhere else.

One-End Sewer Replacement


The equipment and installation can be carried out from a standard inspection chamber or manhole, or a small excavation at any location on the line.  The point to remember is only one access point is needed on the line.


Specialist patent pending tooling is inserted from the single access point and sent up or downstream depending.  The heads can be inserted regardless of ground conditions, pipes encased in concrete or under structures.  The system does not rely on displacement therefore eliminating risk to surrounding services, and/or ground heave in shallow depths.


On completion of the reforming stage, the new injection moulded polypropylene pipes are hydraulically inserted, up or downstream to a chamber, or an excavation, change of material or a connection.  The insertion can be monitored using CCTV equipment and if required the newly installed pipe sealed at the blind end using a standard patch.

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