We’re innovators in pitch fibre pipe replacement

We’re a team of experienced drain and sewer professionals working in the public and private domain for over 30-years.  We’ve been using specialist tools and equipment to rehabilitate pitch fibre for over 15-years and more recently in-house developed the ‘one end application’.  IN2S was born out of these recent developments and our experience as a Tier One Contractor for Water Companies since the private sewer transfer in 2011.

Improve Service

Work Safer

Reduce Risk


Better service and reduced risk does not have to cost you more


Our heritage is working in customers gardens, often dealing with distressed home owners on an emergency basis.  Building our systems and teams to ensure speed of response, first time fix and end to end project management results in less visits, efficient resolution and happy customers.


The safety of our teams, customers and the public is our number one priority.  Our systems have been designed to create a safer working environment.  Minimum training for our field teams include confined space, trench support, plant operations, and NRSWA streetworks.


There is still a place for digging holes, pipe bursting and CIPP lining, but in the high risk environment of customers homes, we wanted to reduce risk wherever possible.  We don’t use resins or styrenes, and don’t require water for curing or cleaning.  We’ve also reduced the handling of pitch fibre and the potential asbestos risk.


Offering our clients a better quality product and longer warranties ensures their assets are built for the long term and their return on investment is maximised.

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