The case study below demonstrates the benefits of the system over any other trenchless technology on the market

  • The newly built property experienced foul blockages very shortly after it was occupied
  • The property connected on to an existing 150mm pitch fibre sewer via a newly constructed inspection chamber, located on the grass
  • The existing sewer had not been surveyed prior to connection and was found to be in poor repair after the property was constructed and occupied 
  • Manholes were located up and downstream of the line, which was 60.0m in length
  • Manholes were located in neighbouring properties and a solution was required to avoid access to these gardens 

Access only required at one end

The system was developed to only require access at one end.  Replacing pitch fibre sewers where there was no manhole connection, or the manhole was not accessible was overcome using the one-end application.  The system has also been used to replace in to concealed chambers.  A good example of this is in to inspection chambers under customer’s properties.

Regardless of depth and surface material

The IN2 system does not rely on displacement like pipe bursting.  This means the system can operate effectively at shallow depths, sewers incased in concrete, under buildings, footings, lintels etc with no risk of ground heave.

Can be carried out from a manhole

The design of the system was engineered to be installed in to a standard 600 x 450mm inspection chamber.  If access is restricted or the ground cannot be disturbed, then the replacement can be carried out from standard manhole access 

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