What is IN2S?

IN2S was set up to offer an alternative approach to repairing pitch fibre sewers using trenchless technology.

Improve Service

Work Safer

Reduce Risk

Why choose IN2S?

Traditional methods of re-rounding and lining, pipe bursting and excavation still fell short at times when repairing pitch fibre sewers in customers gardens with limited chamber access. 

Combine this with the inherent risks and cost associated with pipe bursting and the WRc Drain Repair Book guidelines around lining deformed pipework beyond 20%, and it was clear that the benefits of trenchless technology in this space was heavily compromised

  • Injection molded polypropylene pipe
  • Exclusive to IN2 Systems Ltd 
  • Trenchless rehabilitation technique
  • Less risk, chemical free and safer than CIPP, excavation & pipe bursting
  • Cost comparable to re-rounding and lining 
  • Innovative patent pending technology that improves front end service
  • Used extensively within Southern Water and trialed in NI Water 
  • Flow/service maintained throughout installation
  • Can replace grade 5 pitch fibre and collapsed sections 
  • All works carried out in-house
  • Leaves asbestos pipe in the ground 

Our innovative system.

IN2S has developed a system to replace pitch fibre sewers using an application that only requires access at one end, regardless of depth, cross-sectional loss, surface material and pipe surround.  The system is available in 100mm and 150mm.

The injection moulded pipe is far superior in strength than traditional materials.  The method of installation and the pipe combined offer the end client a superior end product with improved customer experience, for the same if not less cost than traditional trenchless techniques.

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